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Jonas Kaizer & Viktor Butt


Jonas Kaizer has been gagged, blindfolded and shackled to a bed by Viktor Butt. He writhes on the bed as Viktor uses a riding crop to flick at the sexy body. There are clothes pins on his nipples too and he keeps writhing as Viktor gropes and hits on his sexy body. The nipples are released and grabbed and the groin is groped too. The crop hits over the body too. Then Viktor releases the cock and balls too. The underwear is pulled off as well and Jonas’ dick is wanked a little as well. The gag is removed from his mouth and the blindfold comes off as well. He watches as Viktor gets naked, sporting a huge erection. The big cock is slapped on Jonas face and then he sucks it. He is hungry for that big cock and takes is deep into his mouth. Viktor fucks that mouth hard with Jonas eager for as much as he can get. The big cock is slapped on his face to. Having sucked on that cock for a while Jonas has his postion changed, to expose his ass hole. That hole quickly gets a dildo deep inside. The dildo, on a pole, with fucked deep into that ass as Jonas’ legs are high in the air. His hot hole is able to take that dildo nice and deep. Then he is turned over onto his knees. That prepares him to receive Viktor’s throbbing cock up his ass. The big dick is fucked hard into that hungry hole as the ass gets slapped too. Viktor pounds that hole as hard as he can while Jonas moans. Hand prints linger on the ass cheeks as the dick is fucked hard into the hole. Viktor’s thrust hard to fuck deep into the ass. That hot ass is stretched so wide as Viktor climbs up and pounds the hole as hard as he can. Then Jonas is released and he wanks himself as they spoon , with Viktor fucking hard into the hole. Jonas shoots his cums as the big cock fucks his hot ass hole. Viktor keeps fucking until he is ready to cum. Then he moves up to shoot his load over Jonas’ face. Jonas is hungry for cum and quickly sucks on the cock to drain it completely.

performer: Jonas Kaizer / Viktor Butt

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