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Milking Nico Vegas


Nico Vegas looks so hot as, fully clothed, he sits on the bed and rubs his groin. He is joined by a helper who starts to rub that groin and to feel Nico’s chest. The shirt is opened to show the hot chest too. Then the shirt is removed and Nico’s wrists are shackled over his head. Then the hands open Nico’s jeans and pulls them down, revealing the cock and balls. Nico’s cock is gently wanked and then some oil is applied too. The cock gets nice and hard as it is wanked. Nico’s hips start to thrust a little too as he enjoys the feeling in his dick. The legs wide apart shows his ass crack too as his cock is wanked and the balls get so tight. Those balls are squeezed as well. Then Nico’s cock is wanked hard as he works his hips. He is right on the edge as two hands work his dick. The hot ass hole is rubbed too as that cock is wanked. Nico is kept right on the edge as a had rubs his chest and his cock is wanked. His legs are lifted to really show off his hot ass hole which is then oiled. The cock is wanked more as the oily hole is rubbed. A finger probes the tight hole too, and then slips deep inside. The big cock is rock hard and throbbing as it is wanked while the finger works Nico’s tight hole. That stiff dick stands proud as Nico’s hole is worked. His cock is right on the edge but isn’t allowed to cum, yet. The tight hole gets a thumb pushed deep inside as the stiff cock is wanked more. Then Nico is turned over, onto his knees. He presents that sexy ass which is oiled more. The hole is fingered deep again as the stiff cock is pulled back through his legs to be wanked. It is wanked hard as a thumb goes into the hot and, now, hungry, hole. Nico is then leaning back, feet under his ass, as his rock hard cock stands so proudly to attention. He sucks on a dildo as his cock is wanked hard and fast. Soon he cant resist and sits his hot ass hole on that dildo and rides it as his cock is wanked. He lifts and and drops the dildo, as his cock releases the hot cum. The dildo is shoved back up his ass and he rides it more as his cock is milked dry. That hungry hole gets more dildo as Nico wanks himself too.

performer: Nico Vegas

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