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Istvan Bernas & Lukas Kolafa


Lukas Kolafa has been detained by Istvan Bernas in Airport Security. He is handcuffed and sits in the chair as Istvan recounts the evidence he has found of phone recordings made by Lukas. He explains that the police need to become involved. But Lukas is eager to avoid that and promises to do anything for that to happen. Istvan doesn’t want money but he has another idea. He takes out his dick and insists that Lukas suck it. Lukas tries to avoid that but in the end realises that he will have to suck the cock to avoid trouble with the police. He works on Istvan’s dick which quickly gets very hard indeed. Lukas sucks that cock as Istvan pulls him onto it. That dick is slapped again Lukas’ face too and shoved deep into his mouth. Istvan wanks himself as well and pulls Lukas’ mouth onto his throbbing dick. Then he makes Lukas start to strip off. Soon Lukas is naked and he gets bent over the chair so Istvan can get at the hot ass. He shoves his dick into Lukas’ tight hole and begins fucking. Lukas takes the dick up his ass, moaning as his hole gets stretched. Istvan’s hips thrust hard as he pounds his cock so deep into Lukas’ tight hole. Istvan pulls out of that ass to get fully naked and then shoves the cock all the way in again. He fucks hard into Lukas’ ass, with relentless thrusting. The Lukas is turned over, onto his back for more fucking. Lukas takes the rock hard dick all the way in his ass as Istvan fucks so hard. Istvan moves to spoon as he fucks hard with Lukas wanking himself. He wanks hard on his cock as he takes the throbbing dick up his ass. With that cock pounding his hole Lukas’ dick gives up the hot cum as he wanks. Istvan keeps fucking hard until he is read to cum too. Then he pulls out and moves up to shoot his load over Lukas hot body.

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