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Axel Ross Hot Ass


Axel Ross reclines on the sofa as an assistant runs hands over him. Axel’s tee shirt is removed and the hands run over his sexy chest. Then the jeans are opened and lowered. The hands take some oil and rub it all over Axel’s cock and balls. Then the jeans are removed and Axel holds his legs in the air as hands explore his ass. Oil is dripped onto the ass and is rubbed all over. The tight ass hole is rubbed too and coated in oil. Axel wanks himself as a finger starts to fuck his hot hole. Then he turns over onto his knees and gets his hole fingered more. The cock is wanked too, down through the legs, as the hot hole is finger-fucked. More oil is applied to the hot ass hole and a dildo is pushed deep inside. The hole is fucked deep with the dildo. Then the toy is removed to show Axel’s gaping hole. A finger slips inside again, then two go in. Axel then lays on his back with his legs in the air to get the dildo back up his ass. That toy is fucked hard into the hungry hole. Then Axel lowers his legs and his dick is wanked hard again. He wanks hard on his dick and soon delivers his hot cum too. The cock is milked dry to ensure every last drop is released.

performer: Axel Ross

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