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Jonas Kaizer & Nico Vegas


Jonas Kaizer has been gagged and shackled by Nico Vegas. His legs are in the air as he writhes on his back. Nico arrives and spanks on Jonas as and gropes his underwear. He rips the underwear aside to show Jonas’ hot ass hole. Nico feels over Jonas, kisses him and spanks him too. That hot ass hole is rub and fingered hard as the cock is wanked too. Nico’s hands explore everywhere, and roughly pokes the hole. Jonas ass cheeks redden as they are spanked. Then a plug is shoved hard into the hot ass hole. The stiff cock is wanked too and Nico cant resist sucking on it. He keeps spanking on the ass cheeks and roughly wanks and sucks on the stiff cock. Then the plug is pulled out of Jonas ass hole but soon gets shoved all the way inside again. After roughly abusing the ass hole Nico gets naked and shoves his cock deep inside. He fucks hard into Jonas ass, spanking him too at the same time. Nico turns Jonas over onto his knees and shoves his cock back up that hungry ass hole. He fucks hard into that ass, going balls deep. Then Jonas is turned over and fucked more. He wanks himself as his hole is pounded hard and fast. Jonas shoots his load as Nico fucks him deep. Then Nico pulls out and dumps his load too, shooting it onto Jonas’ left thigh. He then shoves his cock back into that ass hole to fuck a little more.

performer: Jonas Kaizer / Nico Vegas