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Milking Nico Vegas


Nico Vegas looks so good as he sits on the sofa as his wrists are shackled over his head. Then his chest is felt all over by his helper. The helper moves round to the side of Nico and starts to grope him. The pants are opened and a hard reaches in to grope Nico. Then the pants are removed and the bulging underwear is groped hard. Nico’s balls are released from the underwear too. Then the cock comes out as well. That stiff cock is wanked as it stands proud. Then the pants and underwear are removed and the rock hard cock is wanked as Nico’s tight little hole is exposed as well. His cock is oiled as well. That oil coats the balls too as the cock is wanked. Nico’s dick stays so hard with the need to cum as it is wanked and the balls are rubbed. The cock and balls are tied with some rope too. The cock stays so hard all the while. It is oiled and then wanked more, taking Nico to the edge. The wanking gets faster too as Nico’s hips begin to thrust a little as well. His legs are raised into the air showing the tight hole even better. Oil is rubbed all over that hot hole and more is dripped onto the balls. The cock is wanked hard as fingers rub over the oily hole. A fingers dips into the tight hole and starts to fuck as the dick is wanked hard. That finger goes deep into Nico’s hot hole. The dick is rock hard and on edge as it is wanked. The wanking alway stops before Nico gets release. Then he is turned onto his knees, arms shacked behind his back. That hole is fully exposed and ready for more attention. The throbbing dick is pulled back through his legs as it is wanked more. That hole is fingered hard too as the cock is wanked. With the rampant cock being wanked hard a vibrator is shoved into Nico’s tight hole. It is fucked in and out of that hot ass while the cock is wanked. The hole takes the toy with ease, holding it tightly as the dick is edged more. Nico is turned over again and his cock is wanked hard and fast as his hole is fucked with the vibrator. Soon Nico is allowed to cum, his body jerking as the cock releases the load. That dick stays rock hard as every last drop is milked from it.

performer: Nico Vegas

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