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Anton Azuro’s Hot Ass


Anton Azuro rubs himself over his clothes as he leans against a chair. He is joined by a helper who starts to feel the sexy body. Anton’s sweater is removed, baring his sexy chest. Hands run over the chest and then over his jeans too. The jeans are opened and a hand reaches in for a quick grope. Then Anton stands and removes the jeans. Naked, Anton sits and leans back as the hands feel his body and wank on his cock. That cock gets nice and hard as it is wanked. Anton tweaks his nipples as he enjoys having his dick wanked hard. Then his legs are raised, to show off his hot ass hole. That hole soon gets fingered deep as his cock is wanked more too. The finger goes knuckle deep into the tight hole as it fucks. Then Anton wanks himself as his ass hole is fingered more. A dildo is prepared too and soon is pushed deep into the hungry hole. The dildo slides so deep into the hole, stretching it wide. Anton takes the toy easily as his hot ass hole is worked. His cock is rock hard too as he continues to wank. Soon he turns over and kneels, presenting his ass again. He sits, backwards, in the chair to give full access to his hole. It is lubed again and rubbed. The dick, is wanked more too. The cock is wanked as another dildo is fucked deep into that hole. It is pulled out and fucked into the hole again. Anton takes the toy so easily as it works his hole. But the hole can take more and a nice big butt plug is pushed in. That really stretches the hole so wide. The whole plug is pushed into the hole and is gripped tightly to hold it in place. Then the lips open wider as the toy is removed. It is pushed in and stays there as the cock is wanked more too. The plug is removed and Anton turns over and sits in the chair. His dick is still hard and gets wanked more. The wanking is hard and fast and keeps going until the cum flies out of Anton’s big cock. The cock is milked dry too as the tender head is rubbed as well.

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performer: Anton Azuro

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