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Nikolai Moresen’s Hot Ass


Nikolai Moresen is bare-chested as he lays on the bed. He is joined by a helper who runs hands over that sexy chest. Then the hands reach into Nikolai’s pants, groping is bulging underwear. The pants are removed and the underwear is adjusted as the hands feel it. A hand goes into the underwear and the stiff dick is pushed out of one side. The cock and balls are fully exposed and a hand starts to gently wank. That stiff dick fills the hand as it is wanked. Then the underwear is removed. Withi his legs wide apart, showing his ass crack, Nikolai has oil dripped onto his stiff cock. That oil is rubbed over the cock as two hands wank it. The legs are raised into the air fully exposed Nikolai’s tight ass hole. Oil is rubbed all over the sexy ass. The hot hole is rubbed as the stiff cock is wanked. Nikolai wanks himself as his tight hole is rubbed. The a hand wanks the cock as a finger pushes into that ass hole. That hole his fingered nice and deep. A thumb goes in too. The fingering continues as the cock is wanked and the balls are rubbed. The wanking gets faster adn the fingering is more intense too. Nikolai twists onto his left side, trapping cock and balls between his legs as his hole is exposed. That hole is fingered more too. Then the hands spread the cheeks wide, showing off that hot hole. The finger soon goes in and works hard on that tight hole. Laying on is back again Nikolai holds up his legs. That shows off his hot hole perfectly . Then he turns over, onto his knees, and shows that ass again. Hands spread the ass and a finger goes back into the hole. The cock is wanked back through the legs and the balls are squeezed too. The hole gets fingered more too, as the dick is wanked hard. Then that hole gets a dildo pushed deep inside. That toy is fucked hard into the hole as Nikolai’s dick is wanked so fast. When the dildo is removed the cheeks are spread to make that hot hole gape so wide. Then the cock is wanked again. Nikolai turns over again, onto his back. His dick is wanked hard and fast. Soon the hot cum flies out of the rock hard cock . The creamy load is milked out of the dick and rubbed over the head.

performer: Nikolai Moresen

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