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Sexy Carpenter Ramon got serviced


This video where Sexy Carpenter Ramon got serviced is finally here after a few weeks of back and forth with this toned, tanned, and tall Beefcake; Ramon is a mix of Mexican, White, and Native American. For some reason, he was unsure if he would make the cut at BeefCakeHunter Land, but of course, he does! His beautiful cock is not the biggest, but it is thick with a big head, which I love! I couldn’t help but notice how sexy he looked in that white jacket; he just came from the airport, arriving from much colder weather. Surprisingly, it was a cold day here at the BCH arena, but things would hit up as time passed, and I ended up sweating but pleased to have been on my knees between Ramon’s legs! Before Sexy Carpenter Ramon got serviced, we had an introductory chat where we learned so much about him. He is very talkative and has a beautiful smile. He was very comfortable, and as soon I started playing with the bulge under his pants, he reacted by closing his eyes and soft moaning. By the time I had his beautiful cock in front of me, it was almost fully hard, displaying that big cock head that took me to BCH Heaven! I played with his balls and cock, but I mostly enjoyed that cock head. Looking directly at him and hearing all his moaning in the background made me want more! At moments I went deep, but I guess he wanted more of that because several times he grabbed my head against his dick…. Even though Ramon has smooth skin, he has enough hair on his legs for me to enjoy, not to mention the perfect amount of hair in his pits, which I am sure many Hunters would love! Close to the end, I also used my hands to get him at the edge of an orgasm, and when he cum, he cum abundantly. His jizz went all over my face, including my nostrils. I am not kidding! It was really a four-day load that Ramon had for us! I hope you guys enjoy this video Sexy Carpenter Ramon got serviced.

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performer: Ramon

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