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Pounded and Spanked by Fred (BCH)


Pounded and spanked by Fred scene has a very laid-back beginning, I was not expecting a spanking, since Beefcake Fred had a long day at work. Indifferent to my attention at first, he seemed like he was in the clouds, lol, if you know what I mean lol I cut the chat short this time again, and after he selected the porn to watch, he just lay down. As usual I begun by touching his bulge, by the time I took his pants and underwear off, that delicious venous cock was ready to get some BCH treatment. Fred was clearly way too relaxed concentrating in the video too much, but for sure he gave me some hot glances now and there ?? Amazed every time by Fred sexy hot body and knowing that the view from below is the best, I made him stand up and at that moment the dynamic of the scene totally changes for the best! He got more engaged, chocking me while face fucking me. I felt submitted to him and I asked him to call me names, something that he apparently likes, and it came out so natural for him. After all that chocking, face fucking and names calling, he put the cherry on top by grabbing my butt as a sign that it was time for me to give up my hole and get Pounded and spanked by Fred. I got on my fours, he put his nice dick inside me, then while slowly pounding me, he asked me if I like it, after he heard my obvious response, the pounding, the name calling and the spanking were the dish of the day at BeefCakeHunter Land! The fuck was aggressive, and for good or bad, I knew he would explode at any moment and at the first sign of it, I begged him not to, but it was too late, I just heard a big moaning and the words: “I can’t” I know he tried hard not to cum soon, but as he said it, my hole is probably too tight for him lol, after that comment, I think we can excuse him, right Hunters? ?? Of course I got to go for round two, and the second round was as intense as the first one, he pounded me hard, called me names and spanked some more and when he cum, he cum hard as the first time, giving me a few more drilling after the orgasm, as he wanted to extend the pleasure even more. When he finished, I sucked the remaining of his jizz ?? I hope you guys enjoy this video Pounded and spanked by Fred.

performer: beefcake fred / victor

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