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Edging Uber driver Craig


Edging Uber driver Craig video is a long oral session for an orally deprived and very appreciative straight dude. Beefcake Craig and I have been in touch for a while. He hasn’t had an easy life lately, well this has been and still been a weird and difficult times for almost everybody, so he put on some pounds and asked me to wait for him to drop some weight, but bills don’t wait, so we went ahead and shoot this scene while he still in the process in getting back to his desirable shape. Anyways, Craig has many things that I like, he has thick hairy legs, a hairy chest, hairy pubes, a cute face, an easy-going attitude and most important, a genuine reaction to my oral service that makes the Edging Uber driver Craig video, a feast for those Hunters that love those kinds of reactions in a Beefcake Γ°??? This was Craig’s first time in town, so before going to BeefCakeHunter Land he hit the beach for some sunshine. Once he got to the BCH arena, his nervousness was visible, but I did everything to calm him down, I even kept the chat to the least. I guess he was very concerned about me not getting impressed by his cock size, it was clear when he said, ‘I am a grower not a shower’, and indeed he is a grower. I used a long soft and passionate balls licking, maybe like five minutes, something that impressed him, when he realized that it did the trick to get his dick to its fully six and half rock-hard glory! Γ°??? Then when I finally wrap my lips around his cock, the edging begun, that cock head got all the blood possible, and it became so red! Wow! Another nice surprised and something that I don’t recall any other Beefcakes have done to me since Karavana, and that was that he rubbed my arms while I was servicing him, what a nice touch! Once his cock was up, it never went down and his moaning along with his facial expressions surprised me. He really needed a good blowjob, and it shows. I went slow and soft, trying to avoid getting him to cum too soon lol When I finally let him explode, he gave us a great cum-shot that flew all over the BCH studio, what a great finale! He promised that he will keep working in lose some more pounds for his next visit at BCH! I hope you guys enjoy this Edging Uber driver Craig video. Edging Uber driver Craig

performer: craig

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