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Tossing Beefcake Samuel Salad


Tossing Beefcake Samuel salad, along with the tracing list that the Hunters have suggested for this sexy French-Spaniard Beefcake. Usually, here at BeefCakeHunter Land, the follow up video with the Beefcakes is supposed to be the fuck scene but Beefcake Samuel is playing a hard cookie to get. So, I decided to do another oral scene with him, but as you know, that was not a hard decision to make, since his dominant personality makes any oral video an “experience “for any seasoned cocksucker like us, right? I could have chosen from many titles for this video, like: “Coast to Coast with Samuel”, “Worshipping Beefcake Samuel”, “Teasing Dominant Beefcake Samuel” (Yeah, I did have so much fun teasing his temperament, something that caused me a couple of delicious snaps on my face, lol) etc., but the title is right, since there was a lot of “salad tossing” in this video! Before Tossing Beefcake Samuel salad, there is a good amount of cock sucking while he is seated on the BCH living room couch. Then the submission gets intense, when I am on my knees before his sexiness standing up before me. Punishing my mouth with his “evil” shape (like some Hunters call it) cock…. I was in Submission Heaven! Beefcake Samuel was informed at the beginning of the shooting what the Hunters were expecting in this video. He was more than willing to remind me what to do, it is hard to believe at that point that he didn’t know what a “rim job” meant or that he never had his ass worshipped, but for sure he was up for it! After total submission, I started teasing him a bit and tossing his salad. I couldn’t get away with not worshipping his sexy feet, what sexy feet Beefcake Samuel has! He needs some work on his nails but besides that wow! I went coast to coast licking his feet, I totally lost the notion of time! So, it doesn’t matter in what time zone you are watching this video, it was just like few minutes for me, but in reality, it is one of the longest oral scenes here at BCH! Beefcake Samuel loves to be standing up while getting sucked and that is how we finished this steamy session. More snaps, more commands, and a total devotion to his beautiful balls were the prelude for my “well-deserved” like he stated it, cum shower on my face! Yummy!!! I am crossing my fingers and we need the Hunters prayers too, so that Samuel decides to come back and finally fuck my ass. I just can imagine how hot it would be to get fucked by him. In the meanwhile, I hope you guys enjoy this Tossing Beefcake Samuel salad video!

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