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Ondrej Seno & Tomas Dolnak


Ondrej Seno has been sent to Airport Security. Tomas Dolnak is in charge there. It seems that on his first day at work Ondrej is suspected of stealing. Tomas searches Ondrej’s bag and finds some items. Then he tells Ondrej that he must be searched too. Ondrej takes of his sweater, baring his chest. Then he continues to undress, until he stand in just his underwear. Tomas pats him down a little and tells him to remove the underwear. Ondrej stands naked, turning around as Tomas checks his ass. He then sits as Tomas goes through what is to happen, involving calling the police. Ondrej is eager to avoid that and suggests they might have an arrangement. Despite protestations Ondrej soon wanks his cock and makes it hard. Tomas reaches over and wanks that stiff cock too. Then he stand up and says Ondrej must help him get hard, under the threat of calling the police. Tomas drops his pants anad Ondrej reaches to wank him. Soon Ondrej has to suck on Tomas’ cock too. Tomas gets fully naked and starts to fuck his stiff cock into Ondrej’s mouth. Then Tomas bends Ondrej over the desk. He wanks himself and then shoves his throbbing cock deep into Ondrej’s ass hole. He pounds that hot ass hard and fast. Ondrej’s dick gets nice and hard too as Tomas fucks him. Tomas grabs the hips and he fucks as hard as he can into that hole. Then Ondrej is turned over and he lays on the desk while Tomas fucks him more. He wanks himself too as Tomas rock hard cock pounds his hole. He wanks himself as Tomas fucks him so deep. Then Tomas pulls out and shoots his cum all over Ondrej’s cock and balls.

performer: Ondrej Seno / Tomas Dolnak

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