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Last Days of Summer – Logan Cross & Dillon Stone


Mr. Stone rose from his bed at dawn and woke his son Logan. With their summer holiday coming to an end, they had made plans to go on a hike together. Both father and son wanted to make the most of it and really cherish these final days—just the two of them. The deeper they traveled through the valley and down into the forest, Mr. Stone grew quieter. He had gotten used to being around Logan again, and really enjoyed getting to know the man that his son was growing into. It was going to be hard not having him around. The realization caused a melancholy mood to emerge. Logan noticed his dad was much more quiet on this hike than most of the others they had gone on during the summer. Every time he’d look back, his father’s expression seemed to get more serious. They happened upon a large, fallen tree in the middle of the path. As they carefully climbed over it, Logan took a quick breather. He organized his thoughts; he knew that his dad wasn’t much for talking a whole lot about his feelings, but he was starting to get worried that something was not right. He leaned up against the tree and asked his father if everything was okay. For his part, Mr. Stone was glad for the break—he knew that he wasn’t the best at expressing his emotions. This was an opportunity. So, he told his son how much he loved having him around. Logan was floored. At that moment, you could have knocked him over with a feather. As Mr. Stone expressed just how much he was going to miss seeing his son everyday, Logan was temporarily speechless. He was very much aware of how their relationship had grown and developed over such a short period of time, but he was a little surprised to feel the depth of emotion coming from his father’s normally placid demeanor. Mr. Stone could see the impact of his words. Logan looked up sheepishly and smiled. Those eyes, that smile—that was all it took for Mr. Stone’s melancholy to vanish. He reached out to touch Logan’s face; the desire for his son came roaring back. As Mr. Stone kissed his son affectionately, Logan melted in his father’s embrace. He could feel the enormous bulge in his dad’s shorts as they pressed even closer together; Logan was just as hard now, too. As their emotional intimacy meshed with their shared physical desire, father and son could not deny the carnal energy that pulsed between them. Mr. Stone simultaneously wanted to slowly caress his son’s perfectly toned body and, at the same time, speedily tear the boy’s clothes off and ravage him. Logan was perfectly content to submit to each and every one of his father’s desires. But first, Mr. Stone needed to attend to his son’s steel-hard cock—it was nearly bursting in the boy’s hiking shorts! Mr. Stone took Logan’s pants and underwear off and smiled; his son’s manhood was getting bigger and thicker everyday. Especially now, what with every touch, kiss and lick that his father administered. Mr. Stone knew that this would be one of the final times that he would have Logan in his mouth, and so he savored every sweet moment of it. He put his face close to Logan’s crotch and breathed deeply. He loved the scent and aroma of his boy—a hint of sweat, musk and sweetness. Mr. Stone, spurred on by the scent, rose to his feet and positioned Logan against the fallen tree so that his beautiful ass and hole was exposed. Logan gripped onto the tree. He grew weak at the knees as his father pulled the ass-cheeks apart and moistened his young puckered entrance. Logan had to restrain himself from straight-up begging his daddy to “Please!” fuck him. But Logan didn’t need to beg. Mr. Stone wholly intended to make this particular love-making session with his son last as long as possible. He gently rubbed his dickhead all over the silky-smooth orbs of his son’s perfect, round bottom. Then, Mr. Stone began to slowly push his cock into his son’s tight hole—inch by inch. Logan’s eyes widened, and both father and son moaned loudly in unison. Logan savored the way that his father made love to him—and in the gorgeous setting of the forest, no less. Father went slow and steady at first, letting his giant cock sink nice and easy all the way in. Then, he slowly pulled back out again. And after several minutes of this repetition, the pace got noticeably faster. Logan reasserted his grip on the tree and tried to calm his strong desire to bust his nut right then and there. Mr. Stone could also feel his control beginning to wane. The priceless look of delight on his son’s face alone was starting to affect his ability to hold back an orgasm. He pulled out and flipped Logan onto his back on the tree-trunk. Mr. Stone would always remember the look in his son’s eyes—pleading, needing. This, along with Logan’s grunting and moaning with each thrust, put Mr. Stone way, way over the top. Logan cried out and squeezed his well-fucked love tunnel as tightly as he could while his beefy, sexy dad launched the biggest, most intense cum shot inside. Mr. Stone could hardly believe how much semen he had buried inside his son—easily the best orgasm of the summer, for sure! For both father and son, this late summer afternoon together out in nature was the greatest memory one could hope for. As Mr. Stone’s thick load began its slow, luscious descent from Logan’s glistening hole, the spent daddy held his son tightly to him. Logan suddenly realized how badly he wanted to stay with his father. Just like this. Just for a little longer…

performer: Dillon Stone / Logan Cross

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