Now Your Turn – Marcus Rivers, Tucker Barrett


I know my son fantasizes about sucking my dick when he (should be) busy at school. Marcus admitted as much the other night as we cuddled in bed. But man, I can’t say he didn’t do his sex ed homework. He came up with some amazing and creative ways to perfectly stimulate all the particularly sensitive places on my dick.

I made Marcus jump on the couch next to me so I could have access to his boy hole. My son’s sweet pink pucker momentarily stopped my breath. I honestly couldn’t believe how turned on I was just by the touch of my fingertips on my son’s tiny hole. From the subsequent moans and moans that Marcus emitted around his relentless sucking on my rod, I could tell he was too.

I never need to encourage my child to continue. The truth is, if I let the little boy lick and lick my ass all day, he would definitely do it. In fact, I was about to suggest he do just that, but my own lust was running rampant. I needed that ass.

I got up and asked my son if I could have sex with him. The look of pure happiness on his face was all I needed to see to know exactly what he wanted at that moment…

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