Nothing To Hide – Marcus Rivers, Tucker Barrett


I was in the kitchen thinking of something to make for my son Marcus and I for lunch. Suddenly, I heard a loud, high-pitched moan coming from the boy’s room. I smiled and laughed to myself: Yes, he was back.

I tiptoed down the hall and peeked into the sparkling darling’s room. My sweet growing boy was in full swing, huffing and puffing and really going for it!

The boy’s eyes were wide open, but focused on his boy rod. Me too, and I loved the way Marcus cooed cute, sexy little grunts as he tugged wildly at his meat. Standing there in the doorway, I took a deep breath as he watched, mesmerized. I deeply longed to join him.

Then, in a priceless moment, Marcus realized I was standing in his doorway. It’s important to note that the door to my son’s room was wide open. Clearly, Marcus knew I was home. Hmm.

After my suspicions were validated about what the boy wanted, I couldn’t help but slide in next to him on his bed. Marcus continued touching himself, except n

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