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Middle Eastern Thiago Gave Me a Big Load


Middle Easter Thiago gave me a big load, actually four days’ worth of cum that he saved for his dΓ©but at BeefCakeHunter land! Beefcake Thiago is a sexy Middle Eastern straight young dude that immigrated to the States at a very early age, he recently broke up with his girlfriend and is working on and off as a Construction Worker. He wants to start all over again, so he needed the BCH help, and of course I won’t denied it to him, I find him very cute! It is very noticeable from the beginning of this encounter, even during our initial chat, that Beefcake Thiago was very nervous, for those Hunters that love hairy sweaty armpits, you going to love this scene, his armpits were so wet! But even in the middle of his anxiety, I was able to have him halfway hard even before I started undressing him lol You can tell how happy I was to uncover his sexy hairy legs and chest, I couldn’t help myself to touch and caress his hairy body, and in addition to that, Beefcake Thiago has a nice thick cock, and he seemed very intrigued by the way I was servicing him. This Middle Easter Thiago gave me a big load video has some surprises, such as that he grabbed my head for a breve but intense moment, also at some point he instructed me to lick his balls again while he was jerking off a bit, then I realized that he may like to get rimmed, so I wasn’t shy to ask him, and you know already the answer πŸ™‚ Towards to the end of the video, we made a small pause but then we continued in a different position, and I got to his side, where I started to blow him more passionately, licking his balls, kissing his hairy belly and just trying to make him cum. Then he became more verbal and guided me to make him cum, and what a big fucking load! OMG, one of the best cum-shots in a while, that I have to let you guys enjoy both angles! Yummy! I hope you guys enjoy this Middle Eastern Thiago gave me a big load video!

performer: edward

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