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Riding Sexy Cowboy BeefCake Arnold


We will say bye to this year and the My Border Adventures series, Riding Cowboy Arnold, a wild anal scene shoot on a rainy day in the improvised BCH arena that I will miss so much. As you guys can see, it is always fun to chat with this sexy Cowboy before the action takes place. He even taught me a new saying: Red in the head, wild in the bed or something like that lol, and as many other encounters at BeefCakeHunter Land, undressing Beefcake Arnold is an experience by itself. Once I had his goods on display, I started by licking his delicious balls, and in a matter of seconds, I got that big white cock ready to be enjoyed by my hungry mouth. You could tell how much I was into it by the number of ways I played with it, and Beefcake Arnold was enjoying it, too, giving us some good moanings, especially when I went very deep. He even face-fucked me at some points! When it was time to be Riding Cowboy Arnold, I sat carefully on his hard stick, the best way to enjoy big cocks, and it was impossible not to notice his funny face at that specific moment, it seemed that, for real, this would be the first time that a man-pussy was riding his cock, lol; of course, he was trying to look away and watch the pussy porn playing on the laptop, but his cock didn’t lie, and it was all business. It was a long ride, rugged and wild most of the time, pausing just when I wanted to feel it deeply. I very much enjoyed having his big hands touching my butt and the fact that he also fucked me sometimes, a sign that he was very in “the zone.” Then I laid down for him so that he could go at his own pace, and oh boy, his pace was hard and deep…I won’t lie; it is most challenging in this position when dealing with a big and very hard cock but hearing his expressions of pleasure is worth every second. He wanted to cum like that, but in the end, I made him cum using my hands and tongue! I hope you guys enjoy this video Riding Cowboy Arnold. Before concluding this year, I want to say thank you Hunters, for your support permanently, especially in this challenging year, you don’t cease to amaze me, and I am doing my best to be in a condition to continue delivering for you! I wish you all a Happy New Year 2023!

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performer: Beefcake Arnold

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