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On my fours for Beefcake Patrick


Profession(s): Bouncer: 26 | 6′ | 200 | 7″ On my fours for Beefcake, Patrick is the logical next step in this BCH exploration of this sexy man. He showed up as he promised us, a little nervous about the situation but willing to try it to fuck a ready hole. He said that he never has fuck somebody in the ass, but later, off camera, he confessed to me that he did one time with one of his ex-girlfriends, but I am his first man-pussy for sure πŸ˜‰ After he selected his MILF’s porn, I toured his hot body with my camera, getting very close to his breathing and bad-boy face. Once I had him semi-hard, I knelt between his legs while he politely recorded me enjoying his fantastic meat! I played a lot with his huge balls, and he got very verbal. That was hot!!! Of course, we needed a view from below, so he put the camera away, and all his attention was at my service; he face-fucked me and even asked me If I liked it while his big sacks were bouncing against my face, one of the giant balls here at BeefCakeHunter Land! Then I got On my fours for Beefcake Patrick, and he started slow; he had difficulty staying hard at first, but after he dominated his body, he went fast and deep; it felt perfect if you ask me. I loved when he placed his big hands on my butt. He became verbal again, asking me if I liked it. It was a long pounding that I even told him to cum whenever he felt like it, but instead of finishing, he went deeper and faster; that was the moment I enjoyed the most! I knew he wouldn’t be able to cum that way, so I turned around, and I sucked him some more before I jerked him off. I thought it would take me a lot to make him cum that way, but apparently, he was close, and a few seconds later, he cum, being verbal and loud! He ended up exhausted and sweaty. I was satisfied and happy that he did well; this was his first time! I hope you guys enjoy this video On my fours for Beefcake Patrick. On my fours for Beefcake Patrick

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