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Prince Ali And Hadrian Capusty – Hadrian Capusty & Prince Ali


Prince was back and brought a new friend, Hadrian, with him. We never turned away a fresh face with a great smile and a hot hole to match, so we knew we would enjoy watching these two. Prince treated his buddy to his mouth as he stripped Hadrian’s pants off, but that was just a teaser as he stood up so Hadrian could get into his most comfortable position. On the bottom. Prince found what he was looking for as he feasted on his boy’s hole before lubing it up and taking it out for a test drive. Hadrian didn’t get it all at once as he sucked on Prince’s asshole and dick, then took another ride on the top’s thick cock, cumming on Prince’s belly in the process, but Prince was not done and unloaded his seed directly on Hadrian’s used hole, then slid his pole inside to finish.

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