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Christian Receiving His Award (BCH)


Over the Valentine’s weekend I had the pleasure to spend some time with one of BeefCakeHunter Land favorites, and it was the perfect occasion for Christian receiving his award for the 2020 scene of the year, and this came as a nice surprise for him 🙂 It has been several months since we had this sexy stud at the BCH arena, and many of his fans were already lobbing for his return, and I know that is not only for his big cock or looks, but Beefcake Christian is also always charming and that he shows that he feels home when with us, even though in this occasion he was inexplicably a bit nervous lol After Christian receiving his award, I got on my knees to start unwrapping his manhood while we continued chatting and laughing. Then I softly wrap my lips around his then soft cock, but in matter seconds, that beautiful big white cock grows to his full glory, after that I didn’t go that soft, savoring his delicious balls, playing with his cock head and some of deep throating. Then I tried to ride him in the same chair where I was blowing him, I wanted to repeat the same scene that I did with Kip a couple of years ago, but it did not work, so we had to move to the bed to ride that big cock ummm. But I know that Christian tends to cum after the first five minutes of penetrating me, so I decided to let him be in charge, allowing him to fuck me sideways, something that he did beautifully, especially hot was feeling his big hand on my leg while he was fucking me! Then when it was time for him to go on full speed and free style, I laid on my belly while he was on top of me, I am enjoying this position a lot lately lol… this part was deep and hot. then I gave him the ok to cum and Christian gave us, like always a great orgasm! He ended up very exhausted but happy that he once again got recognized for his sexiness and willingness to please his fans. I hope you guys enjoy this video of Christian receiving his award.

performer: christian / victor

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