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Finally Kissing BeefCake Martin


Beefcake Martin is working as a delivery guy right now, and now and then he has to make some stops very close to BeefCakeHunter Land. The day we shot this scene, he knew he was finishing early, and he decided to take his beautiful wife, on a walk by the beach for a while. Then before heading back home, he made a “technical” stop at the BCH arena, so Martin can get a same day paycheck. I thought this was a perfect opportunity for another “waiting on my knees at the door” scene, and hell yeah! Like Martin says, this totally fulfilled my fantasy with that; he was very appreciative with my submissive style that when I was working his tool he confessed to me that he was missing my mouth, what a great victory moment in BCH history! After some face fucking, balls licking and deep throating, I went to the stairs and I positioned myself on my fours, so he can fuck me right there, it was deep and hard. Then we moved to the bedroom where I could lay down on the bed and feel Beefcake Martin’s masculinity on top of me, that was so amazing and delicious. At that moment I wanted him to get closer to me, and that was when the magic of Finally kissing Martin happened, I swear, I didn’t plan it, the sensation of his warm lips, his breath and his facial hair took me to BCH heaven once again! Getting myself fucked missionary was planned but I couldn’t get him to give me another unplanned kiss. It was deep, hard, and good enough to bring me so much joy while watching his face in the act. Something that I want to point out here is that he came while fucking me but did not tell me or make me notice it. He knew I wanted more footage, so when he thought it was enough, he “came” but when I pulled the condom out, his jizz was all over so I totally got it; what happened, but I just went along with him. He is such a cutie and sweet dude that I didn’t want him to feel bad for nothing, especially after that kiss!!

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performer: beefcake martin / victor

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