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On my fours for Beefcake Julian


I could not resign myself from not being on my fours for Beefcake Julian while I continued with My Border Adventures, so I did everything possible to have this sexy Latino back at BeefCakeHunter Land! And what a lovely surprise was seeing him with a new sexy look, he left his beard to grow, and now he uses a hawk hairstyle. Another surprise was that he wanted to watch the video I made with him previously while I was taking care of his goods. Of course, I started by caressing a nd kissing his hairy legs, one of the best at BCH in that category! And for those Feet lover Hunters, there will be many feet in this scene On my fours for Beefcake Julian. While I was between his legs, he observed me most of the time, closing his eyes as a sign of pleasure and moaning softly. It was pure BCH heaven for me! But that heavenly experience almost ended abruptly when he almost cum, but he is a fast learner, and he warned me just in time! I enjoyed his cock in my mouth for several minutes before I got him ready to plug me. I would say that he started slow, but he always went deep as possible. He looks so serious and concentrated at the moment, and that, along with his new looks, makes the perfect vision of a macho Latino in bed action. Beefcake Julian fucked me and lasted better than I expected, pounding me harder in the second half of the penetration scene, and I think he was thinking the same thing; I noticed that, when editing this video, I saw him giving some glances to my man-pussy lol For the finale, I made him sit, and after sucking him some more, I started jerking him off until he shot a big load that went all over my face! In the end, I was happy to know that he would come back. I hope you guys enjoy this video On my fours for Beefcake Julian.

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performer: Beefcake Julian

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