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Boys New Phone – John Barber & Archi Gold


I like spending my quiet time reading a good book, but when my stepson, Archi, asked me to take photos of him with his new phone, I couldn’t say no. He sat on the couch, and I began taking a few pics. They were cute, but I knew they could be better. Archi started removing his clothes, and I snapped away. But at some point, we both were over the photos and on to playing with each other instead. I hadn’t sucked Archi’s cock in a year and loved how big it had grown. Dad’s mouth was just what my boy needed. Well, that and my dick. He was going to get both. I pulled my cock out, and my boy went to town. He eventually hopped on top and started riding my meat before I bent him over and fucked him until we both shot.

performer: Archi Gold / John Barber

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