Relief Scene 1 – Casey Williams


Casey Williams, an American muscular athlete, flips through the COLT 40 hardcover book. The book celebrates over 40 years at COLT Men Photography. He turns the pages slowly, stroking his cock as he does so. When he finds a particularly inspiring image of John Pruitt of COLT Men past and present, he stops. Casey is inspired by the images he sees and gets naked to test himself. Casey’s muscular physique and strong sex appeal are perfect. Casey’s inspiration is taken to a new level as he flexes his muscles, the man holds his hard cock and shows off his cleavage. Casey captivates the viewer with her enviable, sculpted physique, revealing her sexy ass and exposing her pleasure zones. Casey rests his hard cock in his hand and settles into a chair for some RELIEF. Casey knows what you’re looking for and connects with you with an intense gaze straight into the camera. Casey’s devilish smile signals that he will give you exactly what you asked for. He unleashes a powerful cum rocket with a few long, deliberate strokes. Casey’s load shoots away, giving him a facial shot of his own dick juice. Casey laughs and smiles as she experiences the RELIEF that comes with a full load.

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performer: Casey Williams