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Barron & Eli Double Penetrating Tyler


Tyler makes no secret of the fact he absolutely loves to get fucked, and we’ve been treated to the sight (as he’s been treated to the sensations!) of getting fucked by Barron and Eli for us already. But does Tyler love to get fucked enough to take things to a whole new level at CF, with Barron and Eli each sliding their stiff dicks into him at the same time to double fuck his hole? Only one way to find out! What you need to know about this one most of all is all three of these guys are some of the most eager, intense, insatiable, and unashamedly sexual young studs we’ve ever had at CF. Their enthusiasm for the action they get into is always a treat to see and makes for some amazing action. Getting all three of them in a room with one another and letting them go at it was always going to be hot as heck, but they still manage to exceed all expectations. Eli and Barron work Tyler over good and hard here, and Tyler loves every second of it – he takes all of what Eli and Barron dish out and just wants more and more. Eli and Barron go from taking turns on Tyler and spit-roasting him to Eli then sliding his cock in alongside Barron’s while Barron mouths words of encouragement to a moaning and whimpering Tyler. I’d almost say Barron is loving this just as much as Tyler! With that big dick of his, it’s probably not often Barron gets to double fuck anyone. But he’s getting to do so here and now, much to the delight of everyone involved. Tyler takes it all like a champ, before getting drenched in load after load after load – his own, Barron’s, and Eli’s!

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performer: Barron / Eli / Tyler

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