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Romancing Dylan


Time for a long-awaited rematch – Dylan and Roman! This is a rematch we’ve been looking forward to, as Roman is the one who originally got Dylan to cross over in to trying out some guy/guy action, and Roman also helped Dylan advance further in his CF education the first time Roman topped him. Now, these two are back together and Roman’s getting another turn on Dylan’s hole! The first time Roman fucked Dylan, it was all such a new and foreign experience for Dylan that Roman had to take things slow and easy. Mind you, there was nothing at all wrong with that – it was a passionate and playful pairing that left both guys (and us!) thoroughly satisfied and ready for more. Dylan’s come a long way since then, though, and is now ready for Roman to give it to him good and hard. Roman is totally thrilled to get another shot at Dylan. Given the history between these two, even a hard, deep pounding has tons of passion. Roman was Dylan’s first, Dylan is Roman’s type, these two feed off each other’s energy wonderfully, and this episode is bursting with chemistry and intensity from start to finish!

performer: dylan / Roman

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