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Rocky Welcumming Back Barron


Hard to believe Barron and Rocky first met at CF so long ago, and it’s even harder to believe just what complete and total studs they’ve matured into since! Both of them are looking hotter, more ripped, and more handsome than ever before and so throwing them into some action together is a surefire way to get treated to some insanely hot sex! Beyond their awesome bodies developing over the last few years, Rocky’s also developed into a hot young stud who has no hangups at all about getting it on with other guys. Something you clearly see in him today is how much he loves getting off with other guys, how much he lets himself enjoy the incredible sensations, how eagerly he’ll kiss and grope and suck, and how much he loves getting that flawless ass of his drilled. Rocky simply could not wait to have Barron go to down on him here, so with Barron having been away for so long and all of us having had to go so long without him, we weren’t going to make anyone wait another second longer to see Barron totally own Rocky’s hole!

performer: Barron / Rocky

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