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Anton Azuro & Jan Blatnik


Raw: Full Contact: Jan Blatnik is standing behind Anton Azuro massaging his shoulders. He reaches round to rub Anton’s chest too, through his tee shirt. Then Anton turns around so they can kiss each other. Anton’s tee shirt is removed baring his sexy chest. Then Jan lowers himself to open Anton’s pants. That reveals the bulging underwear which Jan nuzzles and rubs. He nibbles on the underwear before releasing Anton’s cock out of the side. Jan licks the swelling cock as it pokes out of the side of the underwear. Pulling it aside he releases the balls too and begins sucking on Anton’s hard cock. Anton pulls Jan’s head onto his dick as it is sucked deep into the mouth. The underwear is pulled down too so that Jan can really work on that throbbing cock. He takes off his tee shirt and is then laid on the bed for Anton to pull down the shorts. Jan’s underwear is removed too, revealing his cock too. Anton takes hold of it and starts to suck. He works on the cock as Jan lays back and feels his sexy chest and plays with Anton’s nipples. The cock fills Anton’s hungry mouth as he keeps sucking. After a while Jan turns over, presenting his sexy ass. Anton is quick to lick the hot ass hole as Jan’s dick is hard and pulled back through his legs. The tongue laps at his tight hole for a while. Then Anton gets in position and slides his stiff cock into that tight hole. His hips thrust as he begins to fuck Jan’s hot ass hole. Jan moans as he feels that big cock stretching his hole wide as it is fucked deep inside. Anton thrust his hips to fill that hole. Then he sits on the bed and Jan slides his ass hole down on the big cock for more fucking. He works his asshole up and down on the throbbing cock, wanking himself at the same time. Turning around he slide his hole back down on that cock so Anton can fuck him more. Then Jan lays on his back and wanks hard as Anton pounds his hungry hole. The big dick fills the hole as Jan keeps wanking himself. He soon shoots spurts of thick, creamy, cum all over himself as his ass hole is fucked deep. Anton continues to fuck that ass until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and moans loudly as he cums over Jan’s sexy body. Leaning forward Anton kisses Jan one last time too.

performer: Anton Azuro / Jan Blatnik

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