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Mykyta Belikov & Nico Vegas


Mykyta Belikov gets his cherry busted today, by Nico Vegas. Mykyta sits on the bed and answer some questions. He is soon introduced to Nico who sits next to him and chats a little. Then Nico kisses Mykyta and reaches down to feel his groin too. They both get bare-chested and then kiss again. Nico leans down to kiss Mykyta’s chest too. Then he helps him lower his jeans. Nico gropes Mykyta’s cock through his underwear as they kiss again. He kisses and nuzzles the underwear too. Then Mykyta’s cock is released from the underwear and Nico starts to suck it. He pulls the underwear down as he sucks on Mykyta’s cock. That cock starts to grow in his mouth getting nice and hard. Mykyta rubs Nico’s back as he enjoys the mouth on his cock. Nico works hard on that hard cock, sucking and licking it. He gropes himself too as he continues to suck. Then he encourages Mykyta to grope him. Moving onto his knees Nico lowers his jeans to release his rock hard cock. He takes off the jeans and Mykyta takes the dick into his mouth to suck. Nico’s balls are so tight as his throbbing cock fills Mykyta’s mouth. Mykyta licks up and down the shaft and then sucks that big cock. Nico fucks it into Mykyta’s mouth a little and then he kisses him again. The cock goes back into the hungry mouth and fucks some more. Then Mykyta licks Nico’s balls too. He continues to work on the stiff cock for a while. Nico fucks the mouth and then Mykyta turns over and presents his virgin ass. Nico is quick to start rimming the tight hole. He spreads the ass cheeks wide as he laps at the hole. That sexy ass gets spanks too and a finger plays with the hole too while Nico keeps rimming. Mykyta’s cock and balls are pulled back through his legs too as his hole is licked. Then Nico stands and slides his big dick into that hot hole. Mykyta moans as he feels the cock stretching his hole. Nico fucks hard into the tight ass and spanks the cheeks too. Mykyta takes the cock well as it is pumped hard into his ass hole. His ass cheeks colour nicely from the occasional spank too as his hole is fucked deep and hard. Then Mykyta turns over onto his back and wanks himself as Nico fucks him more. The big dick fills that tight hole as Mykyta wanks hard on his own dick. The hot cum is released from all that wanking as Nico fucks harder and harder. He keeps fucking until he is ready to cum and then pulls out to shoot his load all over Mykyta’s sexy body. Then Nico leans forward so they can kiss again.

performer: Mykyta Belikov / Nico Vegas

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