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Kuzma Kurylo & Radek Pozer


Raw: Full Contact: Kusma Kurylo and Radek Pozer are on the bed, feeling so horny. As Kuzma straddles Radek they kiss each other. Radek reaches into Kuzma’s jeans to feel his ass as they continue to kiss. He pulls off Kuzma’s tee shirt too. Then Kuzna pushes up Radek’s tee shirt and he licks and kisses the nipples. Then Kuzma pulls down Radek’s jeans, releasing his growing cock. Kuzma takes that big cock into his mouth and starts to suck it. That dick gets so big and hard as Kuzma sucks it. Radek encourages the sucking with a hand on Kuzma’s head. He pushes him down on that throbbing cock. Then Kuzma moves up to kiss Radek agaion. They both takes off their jeans and after kissing some more they spoon with each other as Radek’s big cock is pushed into Kuzma’s tight ass hole. He moans as that big cock is fucked hard into the hot hole. Radek fucks so hard into Kuzma’s ass, going balls deep with each thrust. Then he pulls out as they change position. With Kuzma on his belly that big cock slides back into his ass hole. Radek pounds the hole as hard as he can while Kuzma continues to moan loudly He takes that dick so well as it stretches his ass wide. The Radek pulls out and lays on his back for Kuzma to ride his dick. The hot ass slides down on Radek’s huge dick. Radek fucks hard into the ass as Kuzma straddles him. The big cock works that hole hard. Then Kuzma slides off the cock and lays on his back so Radek can suck him. Radek works hard on Kuzma’s cock, cupping his balls too. He hungrily sucks on Kuzma’s dick for a while. Then he lifts the legs and slides his cock back into the waiting hole. Kuzma wanks himself as Radek slams his dick in and out of the hot hole. He wanks hard on his dick as he takes Radek’s big cock. With the big cock up his ass Kuzma moans as he shoots his hot cum. Radek is ready too and pulls out to unload his cum too. He milks himself dry and leans forward so they can kiss again.

performer: Kuzma Kurylo / Radek Pozer

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