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Alan Doux & Klaus Zabka


Raw: Full Contact: Alan Doux and Klaus Zabka sit on the bed as Klaus answers a few questions about his experience. He has never tried any sex with another guy. So he is introduced to Alan and then begin to kiss. Then they both get bare-chested and resume kissing. Alan starts to grope Klaus’ groin too as they kiss. Klaus lowers his pant to give access to his cock. The pants are removed and Alan leans over and begins to suck on the cock. His mouth working on the dick causes it to grow. Klaus starts to fuck the swollen cock into Alan’s mouth. The cock is heavily coated in saliva as it is sucked and wanked. After sucking for a while Alan removes his shorts, releasing his stiff cock. Klaus then takes a turn at sucking, working hard on Alan’s throbbing cock. He wanks himself too as he sucks on that cock. Then he tells Alan he wants to fuck him. Alan presents his ass and Klaus soon has his stiff cock deep inside. He thrust his hips as he starts fucking the tight hole. Alan takes the cock with ease as Klaus fucks deep into his ass. Klaus grabs Alan’s hips and pounds his cock balls deep into the ass hole. Then he pull out and sits on the bed so Alan can ride his rock hard cock. Klaus reaches round to wank Alan’s cock as the tight hole slides up and down on his. Alan works his ass on that stiff dick. His ass cheeks slap against Klaus’ thighs as he rides the cock. Then Alan lays on the bed and wanks himself while Klaus fucks him some more. Alan’s cock is rock hard as he feels Klaus’s cock working his hole. Alan keeps wanking hard as he enjoys the dick up his ass. Soon, with tight balls, Alan shoots his cum all over his left thigh as Klaus keeps fucking his hole. Alan milks his cock dry while Klaus continues to fuck him. Then Klaus needs to cum too. He pulls out and moves up to cum over Alan’s face, and in his mouth. Alan catches cum in him mouth and then sucks on the cock to drain it completely, after a good hard fuck.

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performer: Alan Doux / Klaus Zabka

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