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Beautiful Eyes Nuyorican Beefcake Will


Beautiful eyes Nuyorican Will works on and off as a construction worker, and I met him in one of my escapades to Central Florida. This sexy straight dude with gorgeous eyes hasn’t got laid in almost two weeks, so it was the perfect timing for him to explore BeefCakeHunter Land! It was a very hot day and the A/C in the hotel room wasn’t working properly so things got hotter and hotter by the minute, but I am not talking only about the temperature, Beefcake Will, who is very friendly and talkative, at first had a shy start when his pants went down, but that changed after a few minutes! Hmm. Beautiful eyes Nuyorican Will tried to concentrate in the Latina Pussy porn while I was playing with his tool, but I caught him more than once taking a look of my mouth taking his cock, especially when it was getting harder and harder lol, as a stimulation I couldn’t stop complimenting his cock throughout the video! Even though he is not muscular, he has a sexy lean body and I ventures to touch it more than he may have expected! Going to side to side I even licked his nipples, wow, and what sexy armpits he has! He also has nice feet and for those Hunters who love feet, they will get a nice glance of Will’s feet, and yeah… I licked them ;). Of course, I couldn’t leave his tasty pink balls out of the game; I really took care of them as they deserved! I could go on sucking him for hours! But the temperature was really high at that point, now I am talking about the room temperature as well lol. I understood that even though his cock was hard as a rock maybe he wouldn’t be able to cum like that, at least not on this occasion, so I gave him the green light to finish himself off, and the reward was an amazing cum-shot that blind me for a couple of seconds lol, you see guys? The troubles that I have to go through just for you! Lol I hope you guys enjoy this Beautiful eyes Nuyorican Will video, and he will be back to fuck , so stay tuned my friends!

performer: will

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