Finally Kissing Jacobo (Beefcake Jacobo & Victor)

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    Finally kissing Jacobo is the perfect welcoming back video after a year of Jacobo quarantining from BCH. He looks more mature, maybe with a few extra pounds but he still sexy as hell, and most importantly he is comfortable as always at BeefCakeHunter Land! Talking about comfort, moments before the shooting he asked me for a massage, he said he needed it very badly (probably he will need another one after this scene lol), so I realized that this was the perfect occasion to make a Finally kissing Jacobo scene. I told him I just wanted an intense scene and that I may surprise him lol, anyways he was very open, obviously he was missing the treatment that we offer here at BCH right Hunters? πŸ˜‰ After arriving at my studio, he went straight to the warm shower while I was ready on the bed waiting to have him next to me and worship his masculine hairy physique. I wanted him to forget about the cameras and make this encounter as natural and organic as possible. After showing him my appreciation for been back after so long, I wanted him to feel comfortable by giving him his requested massage and worshipping his body, the first kisses occurred during this part of the video. In this scene are several fuck positions, riding, reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggy, from the side and maybe new ones just created in this video lol, but the important thing is that in all of them it was very close to him, so I kissed him in this part of the video as well πŸ™‚ You can tell Beefcake Jacobo was missing my tight hole, when he was at the edge a big chunk of the video, but I was ruthless with him lol preventing him to cum so soon or like that. My plan was something better: kissing him again while he was cumming! And that is what we got my friends! A big creamy load pouring all over the bed while I was wetting my lips with his lips, feeling his intense orgasmic breathing…ummm I hope you guys enjoy this Finally kissing Jacobo video. Finally kissing Jacobo

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