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Rocky Creaming Richie


Lucky Richie – an eager, enthusiastic, tight-bodied young bottom set to be on the receiving end of a solid rogering from one of our most capable tops! Richie makes it obvious he is indeed eager and enthusiastic as soon as the cameras get rolling here, working Rocky’s big dick out of his pants so he can wrap his lips around it and suck it. Rocky’s loving having such an eager bottom to play with, and you just know there was a point very early in the action here where Rocky thought to himself, “I’m gonna go to town on this boy and he’s gonna love it!”. When Rocky wants to be dominant, he’s darn good at it – he can read his partner’s energy, and knows when he has someone at his disposal who’ll do anything he wants, love his dirty talk, and even love it when he bosses them around roughly. Rocky does all that here, and Richie can’t get enough of it!

performer: Richie / Rocky

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