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Roman Gets Fucked Good by Dane


These two young studs know their way around some action, and that’s wholly evident here as they go back and forth between Dane having his way with Roman’s hole and Roman fucking himself on Dane’s cock. Fairly early on in the action here, Dane and Roman each make it clear they’re both out for as much intense pleasure as possible. For Dane, that first comes through pumping his stiff dick in and out of Roman’s mouth hard and fast. Roman’s enjoying having Dane fuck his throat as much as Dane’s enjoying it, but what Roman really wanted – what Roman really needed! – was to sit down on Dane’s hard dick to go for a ride. The look on Roman’s face as he first does so leaves no doubt he’d been needing those sensations Dane’s dick provides, and he keeps enjoying the action more and more as Dane starts to fuck him harder and faster. Dane shows off some incredible stamina here as his pumping and thrusting is relentless! Dane’s cock really does the trick, genuinely fucking a load out of Roman, then spraying Roman’s dick and abs with another load!

performer: Dane / Roman

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