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Phillpwants In Lyon Part 2 – Andolini, Daddy XXXL & Philippe Wants


Philippe was looking forward to returning to Paris after a long show in Milan the day before. Philippe was tired on the return journey and decided to stop in Lyon to rest in a comfortable hotel. He couldn’t resist connecting to dating apps when he arrived in Lyon. That’s when he met Andolini and Papa. They were imposing, authoritative men who made it clear that their record was welcome. They gave him their favorite treat, forcing him to do better than himself despite his tiredness. Philippe refused to be intimidated and tried to show them that they shouldn’t be taken seriously. Andolini and Dad were hard and horny, and they didn’t seem to want to give Philippe any relief. They treated him harshly, testing his strength and authority. Philip asked to confront Andolini, Daddy, and showed them that he was doing his part.

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