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Noel Keeping Momentum Fuck (BCH)


Noel keeping momentum fuck is the result of a lot of persuasion from Beefcake Noel. A lot of Hunters and myself love to have this sexy “bugarron” in the BCH arena, but I decided to give more time before shot our next scene, but he has been around, he even showed to my place without any warning, with the excuse that he needed to pee so badly while in the neighborhood, unfortunately I wasn’t home at the time, finally he confessed me that he needs to move to a new apartment and was short for the rent and we should work soon, as you know by now I am and I believe we all there for the Beefcakes right? Beefcake Noel currently has two jobs and lack of privacy where he staying, so the sexual tension has been building a lot, like this Noel keeping momentum fuck video shows, after a very casual chat, I got to business getting on my knees and servicing his magnificent Cuban cock, I have never seen Beefcake Noel so excited about my mouth playing with his cock and balls, he pulled his tool away several times to avoid to cum too soon, omg! and that cock slapping! Was amazing! I asked Noel to fuck me in several times, usually that doesn’t represent a problem to him, but he was having difficult time in not coming fast, we paused several times until he and I couldn’t wait no more for that load, and I allowed to cum after few minutes of pounding in me in the doggy position. He didn’t want to disappoint us, so after a break he put me on my fours and begins to drill me in more relaxed fashion now that he could hold it, I lost myself in the moment and I tried to kiss him (successfully), hot, but not for long… but a kiss is a kiss LOL We got in the missionary position, the sofa became a roller-coaster, and he couldn’t hold for longer after all and he asked me permission to cum, I wanted him to enjoy this time and I told him to cum while inside me, for my surprise he keep on fucking me after that, that was Noel keeping momentum fuck! I hope you like this Hunters, and for those Noel fans, I hope you like the greetings he sent!

performer: noel

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