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Milking Rudolf Rust


Rudolf Rust has had his wrists shackled over his head. His chest is bare too and a helper runs hands all over it. Rudolf’s jeans are opened, releasing his cock which is already hard. The helper takes hold of that big cock and starts to wank it. For better access Rudolf’s jeans are removed, showing that big, fat cock and the balls too. The cock is wanked as the balls are rubbed as well. Then oil is dripped onto the cock and it’s rubbed all over. The cock and balls glistens as they are coated in oil. The big balls are squeezed as the throbbing cock is wanked hard. A hand runs all over Rudolf’s sexy chest. The big balls are tied up too. Then that big cock is wanked hard again, taking it to the edge. More oil is applied as well. The big dick is wanked and the head is rubbed too. Clothes pins are attached to Rudolf’s balls as well. The dick stays rock hard all the while and gets wanked more. The balls are untied and then rubbed. Rudolf’s legs are raised to show off his hot ass hole as his dick is wanked. Oil is rubbed over the hot ass hole too. The big dick is wanked as fingers rub the tight ass hole. A finger slips into that hot hole too as the glistening dick is wanked hard. The finger goes deep and begins to fuck the hole. After more wanking clothes pins are attached to the balls again. The big dick is taken to the edge and the balls feel the nipping of the pins. The balls are released from the pins and squeezed hard as the big dick is wanked more. It soon erupts, sending hot cum flying everywhere. The tender dick is milked dry as a hand runs over that hot chest again too.

performer: Rudolf Rust

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