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Maverick Sun & Nate Rose – Sugar Shack


After a successful season at the ‘Sugar Shack’, Maverick Sun is taking a night off to dance and hook up with studly strangers like Nate Rose. Now back at Nate’s place, Maverick is scared someone will hear them fucking in Nate’s bedroom, but the hot top doesn’t seem to care. He’s more focused on getting Maverick’s mouth wrapped around his hard cock and rimming the twunk’s delicious hole. Now not caring who can hear and aching to get fucked hard, Maverick has Nate fill him up with his bareback dick before moving over to take a ride on the hottie’s sweet meat. While getting drilled on the side of the bed, Maverick showers himself in nut before Nate pulls out to add to the splatters of seed covering the satisfied bottom.

performer: Maverick Sun / Nate Rose