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Sucking Mexican Salvadorian Suave (BCH)


Profession(s): Warehouse Worker: While Sucking Mexican Salvadorean Suave, I realized that he represents his name well. Suave means Soft in Spanish, and he has a humbled, serene and calm personality, but at the same time, he is very masculine, and his nine-inch cock is not soft at all lol. This Latino Beefcake has a very sexy body, with lots of tattoos and a prominent chest, that makes you want to bite it lol, and when he asked me if he can smoke, he completed my fantasy of sucking off a “bad boy”, like the ones we love here at BeefCakeHunter Land πŸ™‚ You Hunters know that I usually always start by licking the Beefcakes balls, but when I pulled that massive cock out of his boxer shorts, I forgot about BCH protocols and went straight for that big, shiny cock head…. Ummm. One of the things that stands out in this video is that while I was Sucking Mexican Salvadorean Suave, he rarely took his eyes off what my lips were doing to him, and he even complimented me. πŸ˜‰ After tasting that cock head, I went for his balls, and his soft moans inspired me more and more. I would have loved it if he hadn’t shaved his pubic hair, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying it to the fullest. Near the end of the video, I got intense with his balls, and I noticed that he would like rimming too, so I did it, making him get closer to ecstasy. Then he gave us a good nut, asking me to continue even after he cum! For a moment I thought I was going to get more out of him lol, but when I realized I wasn’t, I just wrapped my hungry lips very tight to suck him to the last drop of semen… I hope you guys enjoy this video Sucking Mexican Salvadorean Suave. Sucking Mexican Salvadorian Suave

performer: Suave