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Keeping My Boy Warm – Alex Axel & Nico Vegas


My stepson and I love our yearly alone time. We ride the train down to the beach to visit my parents. We usually go straight there but decided to stop a few towns away for a night. When we got to the room, Nico’s bed wasn’t right, but because it was so late, he chose to sleep on it anyway. His shivers told me he might be cold, so I invited him into my bed. That’s when we started kissing and stripping off our clothes. Knowing how much my boy loves sucking my dick, I gave him what he wanted and then got what I needed. The sweet sound of my boy asking me to fuck him. You have no clue how much it turns me on when Nico moans for my cock. I licked his hole until my dick could slip inside him. Once it was, my boy and I had a fucking blast. Three if you include both of our loads.

performer: Alex Axel / Nico Vegas

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