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Incident 373: Gaping Felon – Baxxx


Not gonna lie, all the House Managers have been eagerly waiting for this new resident to fuck up. He has a great bod and a lot of confidence. He also has that “better than thou” attitude around all of the other residents. Well, we know his background and it’s not pretty. He is the kind of guy that fools everyone in his path and then turns around and fucks everyone over. Finally he let his mouth run loose, however, and the Manager on duty was more than happy to give this felon a good dressing down. Even though he doesn’t act like it, the Halfway House is his last resort, and he has nowhere left to go except maybe prison. It was like taking candy, really. The guy is jacked, but he couldn’t suck cock for shit. Luckily, he’s a quick learner, and with a fat dick in his face, he managed to come around. He gets most of the Manager’s dick in his mouth and then finally begins sucking properly. He is made to lick on his big balls, too. After getting some pretty hot dome from this gym rat on his knees, the Manager has him lie on the bed and show him his ass. It looks very fuckable and inviting, much to the chagrin of the resident. He seems to know a thing or two about taking the pain, though, and when the Manager slides his big cock inside, it isn’t too much of a hassle. Before long the resident is getting fucked good. He gets fucked so hard, in fact, that in between those cheeks of steel a huge gape appears. There’s nothing better than a big gaping ass on such a deserving young man. The Manager blows his load all over the place, too. We can all tell that this Felon won’t need to be behind bars in order to become the House bitch.

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performer: Baxxx

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