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Incident #359: Giving His All – Trillions


The quiet residents are sometimes the ones you need to watch the most. This resident is often by himself, and he doesn’t interact much with the other residents. Don’t get me wrong, he is quite friendly and well-mannered, he just seems to be lost in his own little world sometimes. Well, while he was brooding he must have been thinking of how he could sneak in past curfew without anyone noticing. What was he doing? Hard to tell, but here at the House enforcement of curfew can be swift, and brutal. Like most teens, his tongue and mouth felt sweet on my dick. His BJ skills were so-so, and it was obvious that he had little to no experience. That said, it felt like he was trying. When I tried to open up his ass, however, it was a difficult endeavor. This guy is tight. I was finally able to loosen him up a bit, but he wasn’t too happy about it. The surprising thing is, that halfway through he must have either started enjoying it or he was thinking that he should – but he began jerking and his massive cock was hard. I started fucking him hard and he blew a nice load! I couldn’t believe it. Well, I kept fucking him for a while before I dumped my load. I appreciated him giving his all, even though he was being punished. Hard telling whether he will be breaking the rules again soon or not!

performer: Trillions

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