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Gitano Silva & Nando Rey – Hard Pounding


We love it when the hot guys we work with bring us more hot guys. That’s what happened when Gitano suggested Nando to us. They’ve wanted to fuck for a long time, and now that Nando was in town, they brought it to our place. The sexual energy was hot, and we were ready. Locked lips soon gave way to Nando’s lust for flesh as his tongue moved up and down Gitano’s skin, landing in its resting place upon a thick cock. He goes to town on Gitano’s dick, taking it as far back as his throat will allow. Gitano loves fucking his buddy’s face but has a greater need for his ass and puts his mouth where it belongs. Nando knows what he wants too, and after more dick-sucking and ass-eating, he takes a seat on Gitano’s tool. They fuck until it’s Gitano’s ready to use Nando’s dick for his pleasure. He rides him before returning to his top position, fucking more, and cumming on Nando’s hole.

performer: Gitano Silva / Nando Rey