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Luke’s Lost Tape – Hard Hitting Fuck Session (BCH)


This video of Luke’s lost tape contains the best of this young waiter: showing how much he enjoys the BCH treatment 🙂 It has been several months since Beefcake Luke was in BeefCakeHunter Land and since we did this scene. What happened is that the anal scene was supposed to be longer, but Luke loves a mouth on his nice cock too much, and the penetration part was shorter than expected, so we agreed to do more filming very soon, something that never happened so here is the video of Luke’s lost tape, his fans couldn’t possibly wait any longer. While preparing everything to start this session, the talk flowed very pleasantly. Between words and jokes, Beefcake Luke could not hide how eager he was to be serviced, and I also couldn’t wait to enjoy being between his legs and taking him to the BCH trip! Luke has one of the best expressions of pleasure on the whole site. I enthusiastically enjoyed his big balls and licking his cock, while he observed me. Then, when we moved to the position for him to fuck me standing up, I sucked him some more. He enjoyed it so much that I simply incorporated this part into the scene. The fucking was very energetic and pleasant; I love when guys fuck me this hard! It was good, but it would last a short time if we continued; he was about to explode. So, knowing that he enjoys the blowjob so much, we moved to do some moral fun, with the idea of coming back to do so more fucking. Still, everything went in another direction, lol. We were supposed to create more anal content, but that never happened. However, we still have here an excellent encounter with rocker Luke! I hope you guys enjoy this video of Luke’s lost tape.

performer: beefcake Luke