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Gino Gave Me A Warm Facial


Gino gave me a warm facial with the more than two days load that he was packed. Yummy! This Latino Beefcake has a sexy tanned smooth body, except for the legs, which are somehow hairy. He is half Colombian, half Italian, and works as a busboy in a local Sports Bar, so he was wearing work clothes; after this gig at BeefCakeHunter Land, he was heading to his other gig. 🙂 During our initial conversation, he surprised me by asking my age; we laughed a lot then, but in general, Gino is a serious young man, just down for business, and I know that because after I pulled his pants off, his cock was rock-hard and ready for work! His cock is not the biggest, but it gets the job done, and my mouth worked it out perfectly! Even though Beefcake Gino is not much verbal, he paid undivided attention to what I was doing to his cock and balls. Nevertheless, he exclaimed a thing or two a couple of times when probably the pleasure was overwhelming, and his reaction when I went just below his balls was priceless, like he said it, “different”. After a few minutes of worshipping his cock and balls on the couch, and before Gino gave me a warm facial, I made him stand up, where he gave me several good face-fucking; I couldn’t believe it; I didn’t know that he was so into it by then, he even grabbed me with both hands. Then he started jerking himself off while I was feasting on his delicious balls, then I sucked him again until I began to jerk him off. He ejected a big load while having an intense orgasm. I just let myself catch everything while I was praising him. I hope you guys enjoy this video Gino gave me a warm facial.

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performer: Gino

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