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Merry Savage Christmas Feast | Big White Cock


Merry Savage Christmas Feast Hunters! Well, I don’t know where to start…. Ok, I am going to start by saying that I know very well that the return of Beefcake Savage could be the most anticipated at BeefCakeHunter Land this year and for good reasons, this sexy straight hung guy delivers an extremely erotic performance that matches well his impressive twelve inches cock! This scene supposed to be an anal scene, everything was set for it, but unfortunately Savage wasn’t ready for the task, he tried really hard as you can see in this Merry Savage Christmas Feast video. I don’t usually publish “failed scenes”, but even watching Savage try to fuck his first man-pussy is HOT! Let’s say is an added bonus for the Holidays, since I was not able to do my traditional Christmas theme video of the year. I know I have held this video for too long, but I had a good reason to wait: Savage promised me that he would be back to “finish” the job, so I am still waiting lol. But it never happened, so I am so glad that I decided to have at least another oral scene with him, and I am pretty sure that it won’t be any complains 😉 Beefcake Savage is such a nice guy, it’s a pleasure working with him, in this video I included a question that I forgot to ask him in our previous video: how he finally decided to step in at the BCH arena, you guys also can see him wearing his glasses in parts of this video. The first oral session was long and intense, Savage like in the previous video responded very well to my service, in my mind he was so ready to fuck after that, even after he got the condom on, I thought ok… here we go! At least I had a taste of his cock head in my hole while he was trying, but besides that, I got spared this time lol After the fuck attempt, I decided to make the best out of the situation and we shoot more hot blowjob positions, but when I made him laid in the bed again, you can tell I begin to feel a little frustrated, and Beefcake Savage noticed it as well, so he offered me to snap his beautiful cock on my lips and from that moment on, the last minutes were a feast! I hope you guys enjoy this Merry Savage Christmas Feast video, I know it has been a hard year, but we managed to survive it! thanks you all for your support! I wish you guys a Happy Holiday season! 🙂 Merry Savage Christmas Feast.

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performer: savage / victor

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