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Evan (Anal) (Victor & Beefcake Evan)


Stud Evan fucked me missionary for the first time, and it felt amazing! And it would have been even better if we didn’t have the technical problem with the ottoman we used. When we filmed this scene, Beefcake Evan was only nominated for the Beefcake of the Year 2022. We also talked about other categories’ nominations, which, unfortunately, I couldn’t fulfill due to the circumstances many of you Hunters already know. I called this sexy man a stud because he is already waiting for his fourth child, so being again at BeefCakeHunter Land is handy for him. I hope he stops there, lol, but it seems something challenging for him; he is a very sexual man, and he couldn’t save his load for at least two days, which is the BCH requirement lol. I find Beefcake Evan very virile, and I get very enthusiastic when I am between his legs, but I wanted to enjoy him slowly, so I caressed his balls under his black shorts for a while before fully undressing him. When his hard cock was fully displayed, I took my time before wrapping it with my lips. He enjoys the expectation. He may not be a verbal Beefcake, but his facial expressions say it all. I knew he was in the zone, so I ventured to touch his nipples, and when the time came for me to get that big white cock in my hole, I couldn’t get enough of sucking it, so I sucked it some more. This time Stud Evan fucked me missionary, and he started very well, for this being the first time. I was in BCH Heaven, but troubles in paradise started when the ottoman moved out of position several times, so you see Evan trying his best after each pause. On the bright side, we can enjoy his balls snaping my butt from different angles. When we finally found the correct position for the ottoman, he went harder and deep, and I was hoping for him to last more, but he had been building up to the moment, and in a few minutes, he cum, and he cum a lot again! Evan is a stud; I think he rightfully won the title Beefcake of the Year 2022 and talking about that, I am planning to see him soon and give him his award. I hope you guys enjoy this video Stud Evan fucked me missionary.

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performer: Beefcake Evan

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