Finally Kissing Kameroon


Profession(s): Between jobs: 24 | 6′ | 183 | 7.5″ Finally kissing Kameroon. I was intrigued by how much Beefcake Kameroon had lost weight, don’t get me wrong, he still been hot, but I wanted to know the why and the how, and you will get the answers of that in the initial chat with him at the bed, before I got to his side and I started playing with his now more prominent nipples, that little by little led me to Finally kissing Kameroon πŸ˜‰ Yeah, we have scored another kiss at BeefCakeHunter Land! But believe it or not, it wasn’t planned, I mean I won’t lie, I have thought about it, who hasn’t? but it was not planned. Maybe all that conversation about him, relaxed him so much, that me caressing his body and kissing his nipples had to be rewarded with a hot kiss…ummmm All the sucking and worshipping, kept him very deep into the zone, that , when I decided to get on my fours, Beefcake Kameroon was more than ready, and when the pounding begun, it was intense that probably he would have cum in a few minutes, but not so fast my dear Kameroon, we have a show to give, so we switch speeds at times to prevent him to cum, I was edging him good! πŸ™‚ Been there on my fours getting stuffed by Kameroon, was so delicious and I made him plug me as much as I could, but in my mind, I couldn’t stop thinking about how sexy those nipples look and I turned around to jerking him off, while I was feasting on them. Surprisingly he lasted more than I expected, and what I thought it was going to be a quick cum, lasted several minutes and I loved it! Now I can’t stop thinking about Beefcake Kameroon’s lips and nipples, what amazing Beefcake! πŸ™‚ I hope you guys enjoy this Finally Kissing Kameroon video. Finally kissing Kameroon

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performer: beefcake kameroon